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Catapult Madness

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Catapult Madness

Catapult Madness

Launch peasants away from your castle, trying to break the orc's siege against your kingdom. Using a catapult, the only thing the King could do was to toss people from his own realm, the last hope of his kingdom. Their castle is under siege and it would be madness to send any soldier out there, for they are outnumbered and the best ones were already killed when they still had the chance to battle. Since he thought they wouldn't come to this, no messenger was sent to the other castles, to call for his allies' help. Now, with something to launch but no rock to be launched, he can only send his own peasants away, people who don't have lands to work in and are only eating the last deposit of food. Send them away and upgrade it from time to time until they finally make to another castle.

Date added: 2014-01-14

Instructions: Go for Play, New Game and then Skip if you like. Close and upgrade if you want to, or just keep the money and buy something better later. Fire your peasants and use your bombs if you ever buy any.

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