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Joe X

Joe X

The strongest and coolest guy in the world is back to fight against dinosaurs, ninjas and monsters together. He is considered an example of a cool warrior, any person in the world would like to be him and capable of killing many different enemies at the same time, dodging and cutting them in half with a sword, when he is not using his pistols, the machine gun and the rifle, one after another. If you find it simple, he still have a powerful chain that comes out of nowhere and can jump ten times his height, not to mention the missile launcher that appears in times of need. It's an arena, in the middle of nowhere and the battle will be bloody, it is up to you to make sure he will be the last survivor, playing as much as you want.

Date added: 2014-02-27

Instructions: Wait for it to load and click on the game screen, press Enter to begin and start to fight using your right and left arrow keys to control him, the S key to jump, D to hit with a sword, A to shoot with your gun and W to launch a missile. If you press Enter, it's possible to Pause the game and see the controls.
Good hints:
Pressing the down arrow key and then use D will stomp.
Use four different attacks and fill the little combo window with four different images, then COMBO will appear and you can use D to release a strong sword attack.
Hold D and press two times the left or right key quickly for a straight attack.
Hold A for the machine gun, while D with this key will throw a boomerang. D with F will do a mortal jump with the sword, but with A will use the iron chain to pull the enemies. Using the other way around, A and then D, will use the chain otherwise. A with W is equal to the rifle, while F with W will release the dragon strike, using W with F will make it to the ground. When the time is over, press R to play again.

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