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Virus Wars: Beginning

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Virus Wars: Beginning

Virus Wars: Beginning

Many different germs are trying to infect our body every day, be one of them and conquer the organism. It's common for our white cells to defend the body from invaders like viruses, bacteria and many other microorganisms, all capable of making people sick and ill, even killing them, depending on the situation. The games are usually inspired in this and you probably protected somebody's organisms against a virus, but today you are going to join the dark side and turn yourself into one of these viruses, contaminating all the cells and getting rid of any other germs that will also be trying to elevate their honor. There is room for only one villain in this body and you must make sure it will be you to infect it.

Date added: 2014-02-20

Instructions: Wait for it to load and click on Experiments to start the infection. Basically click and drag without letting go from your first colored and infected cell to another one, be it white or already infected by any other virus. Your goal is to spread your own viral load on every single one, but be careful because the other villains will also try to do the same thing and conquer the ones you already got. You can send your cells, the already infected ones, to another ones of yours, only to spread them better and increase the number of viruses in the selected one. After finishing the level, go to the Laboratory and increase one of the attributes, being it Speed, Defense, Reproduction or Strength. In color you can change how your cells will look like. After finishing, click on the arrow to go back and then on Next to go for the next infecting stage.

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